August 15, 2020
10 months and 22 days left
until our reunion.
Our incredibly beautiful Sequoia High
Our incredibly beautiful Sequoia High
Our 60th Reunion is coming up.   Current plans are for the weekend of August 15. 2020. 

We really want to see you!

That Saturday we will also attend the barbeque picnic that the Sequoia Alumni Association holds on campus for graduates from all years.   We’ll meet with each other and eat well and tour the campus (it looks so great) and even go inside the buildings.  Bring your family and show them the incredible place where you spent your youth.

 The information will be posted here as the arrangements become final.

If you would like to help in the planning or by helping to find or contact classmates, or by helping out at the event, please let us know.  You can email us at


If you were ever a part of the  Sequoia Class of 1960, you are invited to our next Reunion - and you can attend the Sequoia High School Alumni Association reunion which is held EVERY YEAR in August, on the Sequoia campus. 
If you were a part of our class and haven't been contacted for reunions, please contact us by sending an email to or go to the "Contact Us" page at the left.
This website allows you to post messages to your classmates and get reconnected with the other members of our great Class of 1960!

And please look at the list of departed classmates and the Teachers and Coaches and let us know if anyone who has died is not on the list.
Return to this website often, as it will be updated.  
Use the links at the left side of the page to navigate this site.  To view the pictures, go to the Photo Albums page and, for the best viewing, click on "view page layout."  There are 76 pages of pictures in the Yearbook Photos album alone! 
And in the memorabilia album you will see some great stuff donated by our classmates.
To learn the latest news and changes to the web site, go to the "Latest Updates" page.  And please DO post a message for your classmates and come back often!
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