We are counting down to the big day(s).  

Please post a message on our Classmates or Guest Book page so we can know how you are doing.  Our class was full of interesting folks we are proud to know.  

If you haven't responded yet, and are considering coming, please contact Sarah Dicome Viaggi at 408-723-4720 or  sarah.viaggi.gmail.com or mail her a note, or your reservation, at 4536 Faraone Ct., San Jose CA 95136

Lynn Bruneau just posted a great comment on one of the pictures below.  If you don't see the comments for a photo, click on "show comments."
Our 55th Reunion will be the weekend of August 14-15, 2015 – the same weekend that the Sequoia Alumni Association will be holding its annual picnic on campus for graduates from all years. And we'll be joining them.
So we’ll be getting together with our own class and with some others, and maybe some faculty, that we also remember.

We truly hope you will be there.   
Hard to belieev, but planing is now underway for our Incrfedible 60th Class Reunion.  

Those who have been attending the annual Sequoia Alumni Association Barbecue picnic on campus each August are totally impressed with how great the campus looks and how the new buildings (except the very new gym) have the same Spanish architectural style as the great Sequoia we remember.  The Japanese Tea garden has been upgraded and the theatre was remodeled and there are new courses such as the Culinary Arts Classes aas well Health Care Careers and the Digital Arts Acasemy.

It is so much to be propud of!

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May 14, 2010

Where to Stay

Motel/hotel information (and RV park) has been posted on the Where to Stay" page, with motels ranging from  $50 a night to much more at a full service hotel with room service.  There are, of course, other motels in the area including those at the airports for those fllying in.

The reunion price has been established at $75 for the alumni and $65 for a guest for the weekend events (with an additional $25 per person for those attending the Alumni Association picnic at the Sequoia campus Saturd...


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March 26, 2010

Yet more memorabilia

Hans Ludwig sent the newspaper article with his photo when he and 3 Class of 1959 Sequoians enlisted in the Navy, and Bob Calson shared his copy of the very humorous  "Sekwoia Times" of March 20, 1959 (though the first page claimed to have been from 1987--the "future") which mentioned several faculty members such as "Bennie Steffenburger," ,"Dondi Mello," "Mr. Cough-man," Mrs. Jone Magoo," and coach "Bob Fimore," among others.  He also sent the April 1, 1957 comedy edition.  Both will brin...


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March 14, 2010

More Memorabilia Has Been Shared!


Remember when some anonymous Sequoians put a "bomb" from a military surplus store under the bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden and the school was evacuated? It wouldn't be a mere prank these days!  Bill Moll sent the newspaper picture of this event.  He also sent the McKinley graduation program as well as other items including class pictures from McKinley - kindergarten, first grade and 7th grade.  Bill's new items are the first and last entries in the photo album "Memorabilia Classmates have...


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March 7, 2010

Picnic will be at Flood Park, and We Have More Memorabilia

Did you know we were in the 63rd Sequoia Graduating Class?
Did you know we were in the 63rd Sequoia Graduating Class?

Our Sunday Picnic, Aug 22, will be at Flood Park - a park so many of us visited when we were teenagers.

And we are inviting to the Big 50th Reunion any of our old teachers that we can find.  See the Teachers and Coaches web page to learn how we are doing in finding them.  Help us if you can.
And check out the photo album of Memorabilia sent by classmates.  Karin Pearce Coy sent us a copy of the June 1958 Sequoia Times which is full of the history of Sequoia.  You'll see articl...


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January 28, 2010

January Update - memorabilia donated and the restaurants chosen

Can you identify the classmate in the photo with Ernest Patrignani?
Can you identify the classmate in the photo with Ernest Patrignani?

Ernest Patrignani would like to share this photo with the Classmate who walked in the graduation ceremony with him.  Is it you? Do you recognize her?  Please let us know. 

Also, Gail Edmonds Gravier has shared some great memorabilia with us.  Look in the photo album section under the album titled "Memorabilia Classmates Have Shared" and you'll see photos and the program for our senior ball, graduation night event, and lots of football articles especially from our Big Palo Alto Victory.  Tha...


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January 4, 2010


Well, at last we can say that our 50th Reunion is THIS YEAR!  And soon we'll have the latest information on exactly where the events will be held.  In the last month a couple of Sequoians have left messages in the Guest Book, and we found Sandra Robertson (Todd ). We also verified, with her brother, that Theresa Mamlock (now Frank) is alive.  With the holidays behind us, and al the leftovers consumed, we need to find more classmates and leave more messages.  And, as always, any help you can...


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November 20, 2009

Sleepover Idea!

The reunion committee is encouraging classmates to share accommodations.  Those who are still living on the peninsula might open their homes to former buddies, or classmates they never knew, in order to save our fellow "senior citizens" (wasn't it just yesterday that we were Sequoia Seniors?" ) on travel costs.  Others who are traveling to the Redwood City area might want to contact old friends and share accommodations at a local hotel.  There are several suite-style hotels in the area that f...


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October 30, 2009

October 30 Update

The next meeting of the Reunion Committee will be Nov 9.  You are invited.  See the "Committee Volunteers" Page for details.  In the last couple of weeks we have found 4 more living classmates and, unfortunately, verified that Ken Prock and Joe/Mike O'Halloran are deceased.  We truly need your help.  Please look again at the missing list and send us anything you can provide, especially names of brothers, sisters, spouses, ex-spouses.  Obviously those with common last names are hard to loca...


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October 16, 2009

Update as of October 16

The number of living classmates who are found has now reached 442.  The obituary for (Dolores) Dee Susie Smith Henderson was found,  confirming that she is dead, and bringing the total of deceased classmates to 102.  All the yearbook photos from our junior and senior years are posted (see the Photo Albums), and a picture of Sequoia from the 1922 yearbook has been added to the album called Sequoia and Redwood City Then and Now.  And the names of new volunteers have been added to the Committ...


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October 6, 2009

Changes made to the web site as of Oct 6

Today the 101st deceased classmate was identified - Donna Wilkins (Camblin).  On the positive side, the number of living members of the Class of 1960 who have been found reached 438.

Also on the positive side, 2 photos have been added to the Photo Album of Graduation and Reunion pictures.  They are from a mini-reunion of 5 classmates held recently in Oregon: Ray Armstrong and wife Marcia Frum and Paul Jensen and wife Judy Leggett got together with Mel Canal.  I'm sure you'll agree that they...

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