We are counting down to the big day(s).  

Please post a message on our Classmates or Guest Book page so we can know how you are doing.  Our class was full of interesting folks we are proud to know.  

If you haven't responded yet, and are considering coming, please contact Sarah Dicome Viaggi at 408-723-4720 or  sarah.viaggi.gmail.com or mail her a note, or your reservation, at 4536 Faraone Ct., San Jose CA 95136

Lynn Bruneau just posted a great comment on one of the pictures below.  If you don't see the comments for a photo, click on "show comments."
Our 55th Reunion will be the weekend of August 14-15, 2015 – the same weekend that the Sequoia Alumni Association will be holding its annual picnic on campus for graduates from all years. And we'll be joining them.
So we’ll be getting together with our own class and with some others, and maybe some faculty, that we also remember.

We truly hope you will be there.   
Hard to belieev, but planing is now underway for our Incrfedible 60th Class Reunion.  

Those who have been attending the annual Sequoia Alumni Association Barbecue picnic on campus each August are totally impressed with how great the campus looks and how the new buildings (except the very new gym) have the same Spanish architectural style as the great Sequoia we remember.  The Japanese Tea garden has been upgraded and the theatre was remodeled and there are new courses such as the Culinary Arts Classes aas well Health Care Careers and the Digital Arts Acasemy.

It is so much to be propud of!

March 26, 2010

Yet more memorabilia

Hans Ludwig sent the newspaper article with his photo when he and 3 Class of 1959 Sequoians enlisted in the Navy, and Bob Calson shared his copy of the very humorous  "Sekwoia Times" of March 20, 1959 (though the first page claimed to have been from 1987--the "future") which mentioned several faculty members such as "Bennie Steffenburger," ,"Dondi Mello," "Mr. Cough-man," Mrs. Jone Magoo," and coach "Bob Fimore," among others.  He also sent the April 1, 1957 comedy edition.  Both will bring you memories and giggles.  All are posted in the photo album titled "Memorabilia Classmates" 
And speaking of faculty members, we have successfully tracked a good number of them (most deceased, but not all!), but still need help. 
And be sure to go to the "Who's Coming page" and send your preliminary RSVP using the "Contact Us" page.  Less than 5 months to go!!!!


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