We'll list here the folks who have responded and told us they are coming to the big event.  The sooner you let us know, the sooner your old buddies will spot your name and decide that they definitely have to attend.  (You can send your mesage using the "contact us" page at the left.)

I know I'll be there (Leone Montague Rodriguez).  How about you???
Judith Alsop Johnson: Will be there Saturday!
Ray Armstrong:  Will be in attendance with wife (Marcia Frum)
Vicky Ball Grund: stopping by for cocktails Saturday evening
Pat Barrett Dragan: I'm really looking forward to all our reunion events! Big thanks to the Reunion Committee for all their hard work!
Carol Barsotti Delaney:  Will be there Saturday!!!!
Joyce Beck:  will be there
Dennis Berglund:  I'll be there!
Dan Bloemker: Has reserved his spot Saturday night.
Susan Bob Harrison: I wouldn't miss it.
Norm Bredel: Sounds Good! I'll be there Sat Nite with my wife Carol
Michael Brinton: Mike and his wife will be there Friday and Saturday
Lynn Bruneau Bruce: will be attending "if I'm spared" (as my  grandmother used to say)
Darlene Butts Balkus: I wonder if anyone will remember me? Can't wait. Surprise Nilsa! See you there.
Ann Caeser Wood: has already sent in her check 
Burt Calson:  Is coming!
Dick Camera: I for sure will be there.
John Castro (Committee Chair): I definitely will be attending.   My cell # is 415-728-3332 for anyone wanting to contact me.
Robert Wayne Clement and his wife Betty plan on attending all three days, Aug. 20-22
Chips Conlon: will be at the Saturday evening dinner
Nilsa Cruz Walker:  will be there.
Carol Cureton Alvarez: may be coming (no reservation as of yet)
Lloyd Darknell: Yes for all 3 events
Dale Dawson: My wife Kendra and I will definitely be there
Betty Denny Hosking.  Has sent in her reservation.
Betty D'Entremont Hodges: will be there at least Saturday and Sunday
Sarah Dicome: having a "sleep over" for old pals
Sandra Dini: will be there Saturday evening
John Dixon: may be  coming (no reservation yet)
Leslie Doll Lococo:  Has already sent in her check.
Wayne Dowling:  will be there
Bill Downing:  Bill and Bobbie  will be there Saturday and Sunday.
Necdet Erez:   and his wife WILL be attending
Melodee Faulstich French: Bringing my husband, George a Paly Guy!
Thank you for all your hard work, 50th committee.
Marcia Frum Armstrong: Looking forward to the event
David Garcia: will be there Friday and Saturday
Erma Gonzales DeMartini will be there for all the events
LaVonne Goodspeed Barnes: I've marked my calendar (no reservation yet)
Larry Graul: If there is no "surf," we will be there.
Kathy Hamilton Payne: I'll be there!  The Committee has done a fabulous job, everything sounds like great fun.  Love the website!
Margot Haran Kutcher: will be attending the reunion
Sandra Harms Weiner - attending Friday and Sunday
David Haverty
: See you at the reunion!
Alan Hayes: Will be at the Sunday picnic
Richard Hernandez: I am so looking forward to it.  Dianna and I will both be attending all of the events.
Jose Herrera: My wife Isabel and I will be coming
Tom Hewton:  will be at the Big Saturday dinner.
Katherine Hirtz Jackson: planning on coming with friend Linda Leven Rosen and her hubby Ed.
Jean Hoenck Suponch: will be there Friday and Saturday
Bill Holmes:
 Bill and Judy will both be there. 
Joe Horn.  Has sent in his reservation
Sue Horowitz Rich: will be there Saturday night
Lucille Howard Floyd: will be there Friday and at the Sat Alumni Picnic
Paul Jensen: Judy (Leggett) and I are planning on attending the reunion.  I plan on bringing my camera also.
Carolyn Johnson: will be there Friday and at the Saturday Alumni Picnic
Cathy Kalteren Williams: Will attend with John Oliviera (date for past 18 years) - Can't wait to see all the "old" people!
Bonnie Keith Neely: My husband and I are looking forward to the reunion!
Mary Kinnick: Will be there for the Saturday events.  Really looking forward to it. 
John Kirk: Will be there with wife Judy Seeley Kirk
Margo Koral Chad:  Will be there Saturday night.
Dolores Kovach Stafford.  Will be at the picnic.
Stephen Kovacich: may be there (no reservation as of yet)
Alene Kremer: will be at all 3 events
Carol Kruger Calhoun: will be at the big Satruday event
Gisela Kuster Daetz: will be there Friday and Saturday
Judy Leggett Jensen: Attending with husband Paul Jensen. 
Diane Leonard: I will be coming to this 50th reunion!
Linda Leven Rosen: will be there
Marjorie Liddicoat Haus: Will be at the Saturday night reunion
Donna Littleton Kirk: is joining us at the Big Saturday event.
Rose Lopez Pacheco: Will be there Saturday
Paul Luvisi: I’ll be coming with my wife Chris.   Looking forward to seeing everyone.  We still live in Redwood City.
Sydney Madden: will stop by Friday evening
Kent Marshall: will be there Saturday for sure.
Linda McAbee Barrows: will be there, staying with Bonnie Patterson
William McCrae: Will be at all 3 events
Frances Medina Vaught:  Will be there Friday and Saturday
Lucy Mendiola Liebachwager: will be attending - will be nice to see everyone.
Pete (Larry) Meredith:  I will be there for certain.
Wayne Mills: At the reunion and the Alumni Picnic on Saturday
Dave Minium. If the creek don't rise, I'll be there.
(Dorlene) Sue Miramontes Spencer: Bringing my husband, Daniel
and best buddy, Sharon (Varney) Jones and her
husband, Bud from Muncie, Indiana.
Leone Montague Rodriguez: I will be at every event, enjoying seeing classmates, the incredible Sequoia campus, and Redwood City.
Sandy Morris Watters: Will be there!! Thanks for all the hard work! (no reservation as of yet)
Diana Muhleman Campbell: My partner and I will definitely be there.
Tom Oliver: Will be there!
Carmen Panto DeCristoferi: Can hardley wait,I am going with Ernie and Pine, and hopefully bringing my 94 year old mom who is also a graduate of Sequoia
Linda Parnell Mitcham: Will be there Saturday
Ernie Patrignini: Will be there Friday and Sunday
Bonnie Patterson:  I'll be there.  Linda McAbee Barrows will be staying with me. 
Karen Pearce Coy.  Has sent in her reservation
Tom Pelio:  Definitely Saturday and maybe more.
Barbara Peter Ellington: Sounds like great fun.  I'll be there
Pierre Poncia: Will be there Saturday
Allyn Potts Bamberger: willl be there
Sharon Preston Severson:  will be there Friday and Saturday
Joel Primes: I will attend with guest.
Bob Quintero: Will be at the Saurday night event
Janet Ramey Richie: Hi, everyone! I will be attending our fun 50th reunion. See you in August!!
Linda Rasmussen: Coming for sure!
Judy Reeves Coolbaugh: I will be attending.
Dennis Regan: At the reunion and the Alumni Assn Picnic
Barbara Reynolds Hornibrook: Has aleady sent in her check.
Darla Risinger Garvey: For sure I will attend the Friday night
Walt Rivas:  will be there Friday and Saturday
Pat Robbins Darragh: will be there Saturday night
Sandy Robertson Tood: may be coming (no reservation yet)
Elton (Mac) Rossi: Has sent in his reservation.
Dianne Russo Menke:  Will be there Friday and Sunday.
Dian Sagers Villarreal: Attending Friday night for sure, going to enjoy seeing everyone.
Darlene Samuelsen Kraft: Can't make it after all.
Gerri Schaefer Shaffer:  will be at the Sunday picnic
Connie Schiele Chalfant
:  Will be there Friday and for the Sunday picnic.
Glenda Scott Hansen: Plans to be there
Karen Seeler Yager: Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends.  My husband Ladd and I will be there for Friday
Judy Seely Kirk:  John and I will be there
Phyllis Setterberg Tobias: Looking forward to the weekend..Hubby Les coming too.. 50 yrs..????  
Larry Shade: I will be attending the 50th with my wife Sharon.
Gary Silverstein: Will be there at least Friday and Saturday 
Jim Slear: will be there Saturday.
Robert Southward: Yes.  I'll be there. Can't wait. Well I can but I am excited
Norwood Souza: My wife, Shirley, and I will be there Friday and Saturday
Barbara Sposito Tyson:  Will be there at least Saturday night.
Nels Strandberg: may be attending the reunion (no reservation as yet)
Lincoln Steffens:
Yes. anyone else remember how to forge EEK for the yellow slips? how big sony portable radios were in our lives? the choice between grafs rustys and zestos for lunch? cheers
Michael Sullivan: Attending our 50th reunion is a must.
Charlene Swanson Schoenstein: will be there Saturday night
Sandee Sweeting Mandolfo: will be there at least Friday and Saturday
Milene Tackitt Rawlinson:  Will be there for all 3 days
Jim Tallman: Will be at the dinner, with my wife Ellen
Pamela Taylor VanDyck: will be at all 3 events 
Paula Territo Uccelli: Will be there Satruday night
Jim Thompson: will be at the saturday dinner.
Rich Trammell: will be at all 3 events
Karen Turinia: I am looking forward to seeing former classmates at the reunion dinner on August 21st.
Nancy Turnrose Boone - cannot come after all.
Paul Tyson:  will be there Friday and Saturday
Steve Updike: Steve (60) and Carol (61) will be attending the reunion.
It will be great to see everyone again
William Vaughn: Will be there Saturday night
Sharon Varney Jones: My husband, Bud, and I are planning on attending the class reunion with my best friend Sue Miramontes Spencer.
Don Weiseman: Coming for sure.
Reeve Williams: From Norwich, Vt., will be attending with wife K. Sandie Anderson and hopefully Paul Luvisi
Nancy Witte Brady: Is attending all 3 events
Bob Wood: will be at all 3 events
Earl Yeager: will be there Saturday.
Jeri Young  Ferguson: I am definitely coming to the reunion for the class of 1960!  I am bringing my husband and I will be putting a check in the mail in the morning. Thanks for all you are doing to make this a great time.