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It is past time for thanking the committee, esp. Leone Rodriguez, for an amazing time. Everyone was so warm and caring, and just grateful to be there. "Survived" and "we made it" were the words I heard most. After talking with Leone, AKA Ms. Joie de Vivre, we could see why the tone of the event was so special, and everyone seemed to have caught her happy enthusiasm. Thank you, committee members, you set a marvelous tone and did a fabulous job. And thank
you to every class member who came to the reunion; each one made it more special.  John and Judy Seely Kirk

Thank you (and your committee) for the wonderful experience at the Sequoia 60 reunion. We both thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, the Harry's Hofbrau evening and the next night at the restaurant. We have a CD of photos from the events for you to share…. Again thaniks, Reeve Williams and Sandie Anderson  from Veermont
What a great time we had. You did a wonderful job!!!  Sue Bob Harrison

thanks for all the hard work you put into our reunion, it paid off. It
was a wonderful evening.  Margie Liddicoat Hauss
I did make it to the reunion and it was great!  Thank you for your efforts.  Donna Littleton Kirk
the reunion was great, and I thank you for all your hard work.  Bonnie Keith Neely
It was a great reunion! Thank you so much for all you did to make it so wonderful.  Pat Barrett Dragan
The reunion was so much fun and a lot of hard work when into making something look so easy and smooth.  You did a great job.  Leslie Doll LoCoco
Although I only attended the picnic yesterday, I REALLY enjoyed seeing and reconnecting with former classmates.  You and whoever else worked with you did a SMASH-UP job!!!  Please forward to those who assisted you in this momentous event to thank them as well.
The website was truly amazing...the amount of work you put into it covered just about anything a classmate would want. I have told many of my friends what a great website it was. Again, thank you one and all for a spectacular job!!! Regards (and hope to see you all again in the future),  Sandy (Harms) Weiner
The whole weekend could not have been better, We had such a good time reconnecting with very special folks.  A thousand thanks is not enough. Cathy Kalteren Williams
Just got home to NJ.  I want to thank you and the entire team for all the work you guys did in putting the whole weekend together.  I certainly enjoyed myself.  Best to you all.  Bob Southward
great job,thank you for everything.  Ernie Patrignani
THANKS SO MUCH for all your work! A Wonderful Time Was Had By All!!
Leah and Necdet Erez
I wanted to send you an e-mail to say a big "Thank-you"  to you and your crew for doing such a great job on the reunion. Although I was only able to attend the Friday night get-together (at which I had a great time!) you could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves there and looking forward to the Saturday night big event. I am hoping that there were lots of pictures taken and that perhaps they will be posted. Again, I am sorry that we had to miss the "bigger" event, I am glad I was able to make the Friday night doings. Sincerely, Karen Seeler Yager
Wonderful 50th reunion!  We MADE IT ! Thanks to all who cared enough to see we all had a great time.. From Grammar school to High School for some of us.. Seeing everyone was fantastic! Phyllis Setterberg-Tobias and Les Tobias

I wanted to personally thank you and your committee for all the work you did to make the reunion such a great success! I know everyone had a wonderful time. You can well be proud of how successful it was.
Thanks again.  Pete Meredith
This is a big thank you from the perspective of a spouse of a class member that would have graduated from Sequoia had she not been transferred to Menlo Atherton after her sophomore year.
First I thank you for including those who completed only two years such as my wife Sharon Jean Varney Jones. Sharon’s loyalty, in our more than forty-seven years of marriage, has been to Sequoia and not Menlo Atherton. I will mention here that she also received her first invitation to the Menlo Atherton Class reunion this year and, of course, chose to attend Sequoia’s festivities.
I would be remiss should I neglect to thank Sue Miramontes Spencer and her husband Daniel for their hospitality as they supplied lodging for Sharon and I for this visit. Sharon and Sue have maintained their friendship over the scores of years and for this I am grateful. Also, I feel somewhat certain that Sue had a hand in making sure Sharon was included which also included me.
I very much appreciate the effort this committee put into planning this fifty year reunion as you afforded me a great time. However, we did not attend the alumni picnic but did find the Sequoia high school tour most enjoyable. Your graduating class was larger then the entire student body of the high school I attended in Tampa, Florida. The Friday night Harry’s Hofbrau event was a great way to kick things off and a tremendous ice breaker. The Sunday picnic at Flood Park was a very relaxed way to end this celebration but I will admit I was
somewhat saddened that the good times were now over. I found the people of this Sequoia class of 1960 to be among the friendliest I have known and I am blessed to have been included. During our three days with you all, Sue and Daniel gave Sharon and me the tour of Redwood City and I could see the memories came rushing back for Sharon as our forty-seven years of marriage we have resided in Muncie, Indiana.
We are now looking forward to the fifty-five year class reunion. Should you decide to include Sharon again and if God is willing, we will make everyeffort to attend.
In closing, I again want to thank you, the committee, and all of the friendly people of the graduating class of 1960 that I was privileged to meet. Bud L. Jones Sr. – husband of Sharon Jean Varney Jones
Golly Guys, I didn't even see this most appropriate page of oh so well
earned plaudits.  What a great time it was; both exciting and in so many ways unbelievably poignant. I'm so glad we had both the Harry's eve and the picnic because when I'm in my dancing queen incarnation, I'm oblivious to nearly everything and would have missed connecting with so many lovely people. I feel very privileged to have been part of our Sequoia experience as well as, in my case, the McKinley and Lincoln years. I missed those who have gone and those who
could not come for one reason or another but, by golly, those of you who were there are some mighty fine folk.  Let's do it all again! Lynn Bruneau Bruce 
Kent Marshall here:  I would like to thank you and anyone that had to do with the planning of this event.  It was great.  Please thank all those that were involved.  Hopefully we can get together again in the near future. Kent Marshall