We remember the teachers and coaches who affected our lives.  Those who are still around are invited to attend the 60th Reunion.

And there are former teachers who are doing well!   Mr. Kirchgatter. who taught Math,  attends many reunions at Sequoia.  And Mrs. Jone Small Manoogian, of Girls PE, is an active artist in the area.  

And Mrs. Winburg of Social Studies died at age 99! 

Listed below are the names of those who were teachers while we were at Sequoia.  THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.  We are attempting to find out where they are, and how they are.  Since we called them "Mr." or "Mrs." or "Miss," we don't always know their first names.  That makes it hard to find them.  If you can help us with first names, or tell us what happened to them, or where they are now, PLEASE DO.  These people mattered to us.

Here is what we know so far.  Those listed in bold are alive and well.


Anderson, Robert (Bob) Coach - Boys PE Department  (1922-2011)
Anderson, Julia; Social Studies Department  (-1993)
 Anderson, Mrs. Marion/Marian; English Department  On  Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/people/Marian-Anderson/100010399022665
Awbrey, Helen; Business Education Department (1907-1999) 
Banuet, Mrs.; Business Education Department (1889-1976)
Barnes, Gay; Business Education Dept -Living in Colorado as of 2019
Bava, Walter F; Language Department (1913-1998)
Benezra, Joseph; Language Department (1925-1982) 
Bissell, Richard; Social Studies Department (1912-1975)
Bloomfield, Mrs. Anne; English Department (1932-1999)
Donald Bogie, Dean of Boys Vice Principal to 1958 (1897-1983)
Bourquin, Louise; Social Studies Dept - 1925- 2015
Bowling, Marton; Math Department - (1912-2005)
Braymer, Marjorie; English Department (1911-1988)
Brent, Mrs.; Art Department -Living in the area in 2015
Broaddus, Miss; Social Studies Department -Living in the area in 2019 
Brown, Don P; English Department (1907-1993) 
Browne, Andrew C, Science Department in the area in 2019 (born 1928)
Bryan, Gordan; Social Studies Department (1909-1989)
Callis, George; Business Education (1910-1995)
Campbell, Mr.; Language Department ?
Cannizzaro, Mrs.Isabel; English Department (1912-1959)
Carpmill, Mrs. Barbara; English Department (1931-1981)
Chaffey, George P.; Science Department (1917-1993)
Chaney, Sam J.: Social Studies Department (1920-2007)
Chauvin, Myrtle: (1929-2008)
Cherry, Donald L; Social Studies Department (1906-1988)
Clark, Miss Elizabeth; Girls Physical Education Department ?
Clark, Helen; Language Department (1893-1973)
Clark, Robert Lee; Music Department  (1921-2010)
Claypool, Dr. Vincent; Principal (1901-1985)
Cochran, Miss; English Department (1899-1984)
Collins, Bill; Social Studies Department  (1921-1993)
Collins, Mr.; English Department ?
Connolly, Charles; Mathematics Dept and Coach (1916-2011)
Cooper, David; English Department -Deceased
Cooper, Robert; Dean of Boys (1920-1991)
Daetz, Robert S; English Department (1925-1998)
Dayton, Mrs.; Girls Physical Education Department ?
Dean, Doris, Dean of Girls to 1958 then Principal of Woodside (1905-1990)
De Mello, Mr.; Business Ed  Department Living in Arizona 2015
De Mello, Donald Lee .; Industrial Arts at Sequoia 44 yrs!- (1937-2012)
De Polo, John; Industrial Arts Department (1906-1999)
Delbon, Miss Montana; Business Education Department (1901-1993)
Devine, Clyde; Science Department (1913-1989)
Dimick, Harold A (Hal); Boys Physical Education Department (1898-1995)
Dimick, Ramon E (Ray); Boys Physical Education Department (1901-1994)
Doak, Ruth; Girls PE Department (1906-1986)
Doucette, Eugene; Industrial Arts - Alive in the area as of 2019
Dragan, George; Art Department (1925-2005)
Dusel, John; Language Department - alive in the area as of 2019
Estep, Dorothy Pearl; Social Science Department (1919-2001)
Faulder, Ed; Science Department (1918-1999)
Faulkner, Miss; English Department (1905-1994)
Garcea, Carmino; Math Department (1911-1981)
Garcia, Elbert; Business Education Department (1916-1990)

Garst, Miss: English Department ?
Gelber, Max; Math Department ( 1898-1966)
George, Donald.; Art Department (1926-1993) 
Gill, Mr.; English Department (1913-1981) 
Gillies, Jack (john Duncan); Industrial Arts Dept - 1905-1962 
Goff, Gerald; English  & Language Depts Still in the area in 2019 
Gong, Walter; Science Department (1922-2000)
Gordon, Lloyd D, Social Science Department (1923-2006)
Goss, Mrs. Virginia; Home Economics Department (1913-2005)

Gould, Ted; English Department - (1931-2018)
Grandfield, Rear Admiral Francis; Math/Phsics Dept (1901-1959)
Griffin, Frank Joseph; Boys P E Department (1985-1962) 
Hanson, Bernice; Home Economics Department ? 
Harmon, Mrs.; English Department ? 
Hatch, Lawrence E; Science Department (1908-1993)
Herman, Lester W; Physics Dept (1901-1977)
Herzing, Richard; Industrial Arts Department (1920-2004) 
Hockinson, Mrs. JessieM; Social Studies Dept
Hohensee, Jack.; English Dept & Music Department (1932 -2009)

Iverson, Ronald; Science Department Still alive in the area in 2019
James, Donald E; Industrial Arts Department (1926-2010)
Jarman, Miss Hilda; English Department (1909-1995)  
Jelenfry, Mrs. Irene; English Department (1911-2006)
Jensen, Mr.; Social Studies Department ? 
Johnson, Mrs. Christine; English Department ?
Kauffman, Donald H; Math Department (1905-2000)
Kauffman Dorothea; (wife of Don Kauffman)  English Dept. 1901-1983

Kaufman, Edward E.; Vice Principal (1914-1989)
Kehoe, Robert; English Department (1914-1978)
Kelby, Mr.; Industrial Arts Department (1922-2007)
Kelley, Mr. Travis R.  Industrial Arts/electronics (1927-1992)
Kelly, Nancy; Social Studies Department ? 
Kern, Mr.; Social Studies Department ?
Kimball, Clyde; Social Studies Department (1910-1981)
Kirchgatter, Robert; Math Department - Alive and in the area 2015
Kirtland, Donald A; Industrial Arts Department (1906-1964)
Kleemeyer, Henry F; Industrial Arts Department (1996-1968)

Kroh, Thor; English Department (1905-1986)
Kyle, Secil Ernest; Science Department (1907-1983)
Laumets, Juanita; Home Economics Department (1933-2008)

Leuker, Mrs. Mary Jane; Social Studies Department (1924-2003)
Lewis, Mrs. Fauvette; Home Economics Still alive in California 2015
Lott, Darrell; Social Studies Department Akive in Arizona in 2015
Lombardi/Mendes, Palmira Eva; Language Dept (1928-1987)
Lucas, Marjorie E; Girls P E  Department (1907-1991)
Lungren, Miss; Girls Physical Education Department  (1935-1985)
Macha (now Cloud), Miss Marilyn; Social Studies - Alive in Texas 2019
Mangiola, Marino A; Boys P E Dept - (1924-2015)
Manoogian, Mrs. Jone Small; Girls P E Dept– Active artist in area 2019
Melton, Vivian Viola; English Department (1901-1990)
Mitchell, Malcolm; Social Studies Department (1928-2011)
Mott, Miss Mary; Girls Physical Education Dept-Still alive 2015
Mudra, James.; Social Studies Department Still alive 2019 
Newton, Al Arnold; Business Education Department (1913-2000)
Olds, Ruth H; Dean of Girls (1913-2000)
Paine, Charles; Math  (1917-2007) 50yrs at McKinley/Sequoia 
Palmer, Violet Agnes; English Department (1895-1983)
Peck, John; Foreign Language Department (1910-1985)
Peterson, John; Art Department (1919-2006)         
Philbrick, Eunice; Science Department (1919-2006)
Poole, Robert; Industrial Arts Department (1907-2001)
Price, Mrs.; English and Math Departments ?
Pritchard, Miss Marie; Science Department ?
Raapke, Mrs.; Language Department (1907-1998)
Rhinehart, Lillian M; Girls Physical Education Dept - Still alive 2019
Rocca, Rosalie; Business Education Department (1931-2015)
Rustad, Hugo; Math Department (1905-1966)
Ryan, Mr.; English Department
Salvi/Hutchings Evelyn; English Department (1929-2004)
Sanderson, Lawrence Arthur; Business Education Dept (1911-1982)
Schmidt, Mrs.; English Department ?
Schneider, Mrs. Joan; Social Studies ?
Scott, Hank (Henry C) ; Science Department (1928-2003)
Scribner, Mr. Charles; Industrial Arts Dept went to Carlmont (1923-1985)
Sevier, Mrs. Helen; Home Economics Department (1899-1990)
Shaw, Mrs. Marian; Home Economics Department Deceased
Sherman, James Franklin; Industrial Arts Department (1929-2007)
Silverman, Mrs.; English Department {1929-2007)
Smith, Albert W; Boys Physical Education Department (1928-2006) 
Smith, Robert R; Music and Math Department ?
Smythe, Miss Gladys; English Department (1908-1961)
Sohns, Beulah Elanor; Math Department (1910-1968)
Spink, Ronald; Music and McKinley Band (1915-2003)

Steffens, Ben C; English Department  (1920-2018)
Stewart, Miss Phyllis S; Social Studies Department ?
Stevens, Miss; Business Education Department ?
Stunkel, Miss Suzanne married Pettisone ; Girls PE  (1935-1977)
Sutter, Mr. Robert Earl; Boys PE -coached West Valley College (1923-2011)
Taylor, Dorothy L; Girls Physical Education Department ?
Tendick, Owen L; Science Department (1917-1995) 
Throckmorton, Mr. Jerome Methodius ; Social Studies Dept (1928-2011)
Tomsett, Lawrence R: Art Department (1917-1958)
Tracy, Mrs Irma Louisa Heidinger; Social Studies (1920-2018)
Truitt, (Mary) Althea Social Studies Department (1908-2004)
Van Patten, Claude Andrew; English Department (1898-1986)
Vilez, John; Industrial Arts Department (1928-1997)
Whitmore, Robert C (Bob) ; Boys Physical Education Dept (1920-2008)

Wilda, Miss now Kipps; Social Studies Dept. Alive in Oregon 2019
Winnburg, Frank.; English/Business Ed  Department (1911-2003)
Winnburg Mrs. Macca Christine (wife of frank) Social Studies (1913-2012)

Weusthoff, Mrs. Geraldine; Home Economics - Alive in California 2019
Wyatt, Clarence; Mathematics Department  (1900-1975)