I so totally loved our Sequoia Class Reunion weekend - talking, eating, dancing, talking more and more, even meeting a grad from the Sequoia Class of 1943 at the picnic. From the smiles I saw, I think everyone had a great time. We are GREAT people. And Redwood City is terrific, and the school still looks so impressive. Even the new buildings have the Spanish renaissance architectural style!  

Go to the Photo Album area to see the pictures from the 55th Reunion that have been submitted so far.

I was sent this photo of me taken at the Friday night event of our fantastic Sequoia High School 55th class reunion. I am sharing it because you can't see my face and so can't see my wrinkles. . . and so you can tell me that I haven't changed a bit. (And if you do, I'll buy you a drink!)

Sadly, as we gathered to chat, remember, and enjoy, our classmate Tom Randlett, twin of classmate Jim, died peacefully of cancer he had been fighting since 2009.  He was the 150th classmate we have lost.   

Some of the photos in the 55th Reunion photo album are missing names.  Please let me know ( if you can add a name or two or more.  And if you have any pictures to share, please do send them to me!