There are several places where you can learn more about our dear Sequoia. 

The most important is the Sequoia High School Alumni Association.  It is found at

You are urged to join this association which funds projects such as the upkeep of the restored Japanese Tea Garden and scholarships for current students.  For $50 you get a lifetime membership, which works out to $1 a year for those of us who plan to make it to our 100th reunion in August 2060.  We'd love to see the Class of 1960 have the highest number of members of any class on record. 

Also free is the Sequoia District Alumni Network - a site maintained by Sequoian Frank Bravo and originally posted as a service of the Sequoia High School Alumni Association (SHSAA), as part of the Centennial celebration in 1995.  While no longer the site of the association, this site has info on Sequoians as well as those from Ravenswood, Woodside, Carlmont, San Carlos High, Redwood High, and Menlo Atherton.

And if you are interested in the latest news about Sequoia, including sports news and the calendar of events, the official school site is at

There are, of course, other alumni sites such as where you can sign on and register. And Sequoia is on Facebook

What matters is that you stay in touch.  And if you move please send us your new address!