Sequoia Class of 1960
Sequoia Class of 1960
It is our desire to invite everyone who was with us in our senior year, and anyone who was with us in our junior year and at least one year before.   (And anyone else who has been a Class of 1960 Sequoia and wants to be invited.) So far we have located 492 living class members, plus 108 who are deceased.  That is 600!!

But we still have not connected with the following Class of 1960 Sequoians.  Please help us! 
(Even if you have to tell us that a classmate is deceased)

Something as small as a married name, the name of a sister or brother, where they might have lived, or who was their closest friend, or what they did for a living  may provide the clue needed to locate a missing classmate.  Please send any and all hints to
And check this page again as many will be found but others may move during the year and become "lost."
These 1960 Classmates were with us in at least our senior year:
(Last known married names in parentheses)
Patricia Ann Backus
Richard (Dick) Conlee (Newsome)
Patricia Ann Doherty
Carmela (Connie) Ferrari
Helen Diane Holloway Samuel
Virginia Lee Johnson
Margo Elaine Johnston
Daniel Edmond Levesque
Nancy Charlene Olmsted
Joanne Ridgeway (Curry)
Linda J Smith (Our Yearbook editor - we HAVE to find her!!)
Sandi Stalder
Judith Ann Taylor
We’d also like to find and invite these Sequoians who were with us
in at least our sophomore and junior years and have not yet been located:
Linda Billings
Joseph Roger Buffa
Karen Bussler
Patricia Cortez
Mary Crippen
Pauline Esparza
Stanley Hill
Jim Johnson
Mary Johnson
Barbara Lang
Jack Lee
Ann Lines
Sharon Miller
Nancy Mitchell
Jim Rees
Edward Smith
James Stephenson
Eric Stromberg
Peggy Thomas