We gathered at Harry's Hofbrau to begin our weekend.  Some ate, some just chatted, and everyone was smiling and having a very good time.  The mother of Ken Quinn, our classmate who died in the military during the Vietnam War was a special guest of our class. 
Harry's Hofbrau fun

55th Class Reunion August 2015

Just like at our 50th, we started out Friday night at Harry's Hofbrau.  We talked and talked and everyone laughed and smiled. Saturday we gathered on the Sequoia campus to join the Alumni Association picnic. We talked with folks younger than us and folks older than us - and everyone agreed - Sequoia is a super school!

We even sang "When a Sequoia Gang Walks Down the Street...."  Remember that?

Saturday night we dressed up a bit and dined at the Elks Lodge and danced to a great DJ couple who sang all the songs we remember.  The current cheerleaders even joined us and performed.  And we talked and talked some more.  Every single person who was part of the Sequoia Class of 1960 is part of the "popular crowd" now.  

These are ome of the photos - I am hoping folks will send me more.  

And if you now who these super people are, please post or email sequoia60list@aol.com
Terry and Walt Rivas, Mrs. Quinn who is the mother of our deceased Vietnam Vet Ken Quinn, and Rich Trammel

50th Reunion Friday night

We started out Friday night at Harry's Hofbrau.  Some ate, some just chatted.  Everyone laughed and smiled.  Our special guest was Mrs. Quinn,the mother of our Vietnam Vet Ken Quinn who died in 1967.
arriving at the Saturday evening event

50th reunion - Saturday night

Saturday night was the Big event.  We started chatting in the parking lot and continued straight through until the very last minute.  What a wonderful bunch of good people!  If you see a mislabeled picture, or if you recognize someone who is not mentioned, please let us know.
purple and white look so good

50th reunion picnics Sat and Sunday

Saturday we gathered on the Sequoia campus to join the Alumni Association picnic.  And on Sunday we finished the event with a picnic all our own at Flood Park.  Everyone agreed- We  haven't changed a bit!! (well, actually, we are even nicer and more fun than ever!)
Abillie to Allen

Yearbook Pictures - Senior and Junior Years

This album includes all the senior year and junior photos from our 1960 and 1959 yearbooks.   Of course, a few of us were among those for whom a picture wasn't available in one of those years.  But hopefully you'll find yourself here. 
Hoover 8th grade - Durwood Holland upper left and Jim Leahy in front of him.

When we were young

Many of us started in kindergarten or first grade in Redwood City.  We were adorable then.  (And we're darned good looking now.)  We have changed, and Redwood City has changed, and Sequoia is still the most beautiful campus one could find!  Here are some photos of the way we all were.
Sequoia Times October 16 1959. Classmate Pat Barret Dragan was editor of the Sequoia Times in our senior year and Sequoi

Sequoia Times and Local Newspapers

Sekwoia Times Comedy Edition March 20, 1959 (not April Fools Day 1987)

Memorabilia Classmates Have Shared

alumni association picnic gathering on our campus

Sequoia Campus Now and Then

Some of these photos were taken at the Alumni Assn Picnic Aug 21, 2010.  Some are a bit older.  But all of them show what a beautiful campus we have- and used to have.
What an incredibly beautiful campus we had!  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Sequoia was the first high school in the county, and it moved to its present site (a former estate) in 1923.  Its theatre, now Carrington Hall,  was the largest modern theatre between San Francisco and San Jose!  For more pictures and information on Sequoia see