It is somewhat amazing to find that at least 36 of our classmates have been married since 1965 or before and ARE STILL MARRIED!  And 7 more classmates who married in or before 1960 stayed married until one of them died. 

(Let us know if you should be added to this list)



Classmate Linda Koppal and husband Paul Pierre Kemper - Married Sept 13, 1959 - The longest marriage we have found so far.
And we just learned that 
Roger Haythornewhite married Linda Mc Ginnis on January 16th 1960 .


Two of our fellow classmates, Ray Armstrong and Marcia Frum (now Armstrong) were married July 2, 1962 and
John Kirk and Judy Seely (now Kirk) , both classmates of ours, married in 1964.
And our classmates Janet Davis and Steve Johnson married on January 18, 1964.
Classmates Joyce Beck and Don Wieseman were married Feb 22, 1963
And our classmates Dave Roth and Mary O'Brien married Sept 21, 1963.
Classmates Carolyn Hawkins and Bill Diltz were married Dec. 5, 1964.
Classmates Joyce Mancini and Bill Kastelic were married July 20, 1963
Classmates Sharon Knutz and Dennis Querantes married June 26, 1965
Melodee Faulstich married George French on August 21, 1965

Lucy Mendiola married our classmate Leslie Liebschwager on Sept 16, 1960 and sadly he died in 2007.
Our Classmates Jeanne Bogle and Dennis Rixen were married from Sept 2, 1961 until he died in 2008.
Our Classmates Marian Diane Fields and William Reuben Veitch were married from June 19, 1965 until he died in 2007.


Nancy Witte married Robert Brady on August 29, 1964

Judith Alsop married Kurt Johnson, Sequoia class of 1961, on September 19, 1964. 

Glenda Scott married Rodney Hanson from Palo Alto High on August 4, 1962.  

And on that same day, Ron Krieg married Diane Harder (Notre Dame 1961) on August 4, 1962.  

Gisela Kuester married Doug Daetz (Sequoia Class of 1958) on September 1, 1962.
Dave Bogdanoff married his wife Gloria on Dec 19, 1965.
Ron Spink and Mimi have been married since November 1964;   
Necdet Erez and wife Carol (Barthel) Erez have been married 51 years as of 2015.  
Margaret Zanfardino and husband William have been married since April 18, 1964.
Lloyd-Ellen Meade married Evan Thomas from Palo Alto High in 1964.
Jim Slear and wife Joanne have were married May 23 1965 and just celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Gail Edmonds and George Gravier Married February 1964
Elizabeth (Betty) Hawkins married Jerry Samonek in 1964.

Betty D'Entremont and husband Jim Hodges Married about 1960.

Sandee Sweeting and husband Jerry Mandolfo Married Sept 17, 1960.
Noraine Laird and husband John Tarantino Married June 25, 1960.

Carol Corning and husband James L.White Married Oct 14, 1960.

Janice Marks and husband Gary Gord Married June 20, 1960.

Adrienne R Johnson and husband Joe B Murray Married Feb 4, 1960.

Debbie Myall and husband Wilson Truman - Marriage date not yet posted.

Ella M Smith and husband James A. Saeger Married Sept 3, 1960.

Wilene Clanton married Frederick Henry on Dec 3, 1960 and sadly he died in 2008.

Barbara Ellison married Harold Earegood on June 26, 1960 and sadly he died in 1997.